Leader Training

This information is to help adults who have recently volunteered for a leadership role with Tynemouth Scouts. It should guide you through your first steps on your training journey.

What is The Scout Association Training Scheme?

A requirement of all leaders with The Scout Association is that they are able to demonstrate their ability to carry out their role.  The Scout Association provides a nationally recognised adult training scheme which lays out clearly what is required and the necessary training to provide the skills to achieve this. Once successfully completed a leader will be awarded their Woodbadge.

How do you access the Adult Training Scheme? 

The training scheme is accessed in a number of different ways:

  1. Through locally delivered training courses.
  2. Through Residential training courses.
  3. Through on line learning for some modules.
  4. Through workbooks for some modules
  5. Through the recognition of prior learning.

Most people choose to plan their learning by mixing and matching these various methods.  The choice of method is largely a matter of the individual’s preferred learning style and in some cases previous experience.

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Step 1 – Complete the Initial Modules

When you have had met with your Group Scout Leader and/or the District Appointments Advisory Committee, you will have been given some initial information about your training journey. 

This will have included asking you to complete two initial modules online in your own time, these modules will give you an outline of what Scouting is about and the ethos of what we do. You can access these modules by clicking on the links. 

Module 1    –   Essential Information

Module 3    –   Tools for the Job

GDPR Training

Once you have completed these modules you should print of the certificates and store them somewhere safe.

Step 2 – Validate your Learning 

After completing the two online modules your next step is to put into practice what you have learnt. This is what is commonly referred to as Validation. 

To validate your learning we ask you to complete two activities;

  1. Complete a risk assessment. This could be for an activity you have been asked to help with.
  2. Take part in a ceremony within your section and run a game.

We ask that you obtain a witness testimony from someone who has completed their training or Your Training Advisor, who has watched you complete these tasks.

Once you have these documents. Either ask your Training Advisor to sign them off for you, or send them to the County Training Administration for validation.

Step 3 – Arrange to attend your first training session – Induction

Following your meeting with the Appointments Advisory Committee, you will be required to book on to the next training introduction session (Module 2). This session will also cover Module 18: Practical Skills.

Your Introduction to Training, Modules 1 & 3 should be completed within 5 months of your appointment.

Check for Induction Training dates and book now

What happens at Induction?

Induction evenings are held regularly throughout the County, mainly at Northumberland County Headquarters. They generally last around two hours.

At induction the following will happen:

  1. You will be given a training file containing all essential information you will need to complete your training.
  2. The Adult Training Scheme will be explained in more detail
  3. You will be assisted to complete a personal learning plan (module 2 of the adult training scheme)
  4. You will be given up to date information on current training courses you can attend.
  5. You will be given information on how to access online courses or workbooks
  6. The process of validation will be explained
  7. There will be an opportunity to ask question
  8. Module 18 (Practical Skills) will be covered.

How do I ensure I get a full appointment?

Once you have completed the first three modules, Essential Information (module 1), Introduction (module 2), Tools for the Job (module 3) and completed the Validation tasks as detailed above, your District Appointments Secretary will be able to complete this initial stage and you will be given a full appointment. This must be completed within 5 months.

You will then have three years to complete your training.

Training Advisors 

Training Advisors are colleagues who have experience within Scouting who can assist you throughout your training journey.  We strive to allocate a Training Advisor to each individual. If the demand is too great we have a process in place which means you can access and validate as you go and if necessary a ‘remote’ Training Advisor who will help you complete your validations shortly after you have accessed the learning.  This will be explained further at Induction.

Accreditation of prior learning

You may already have a range of skills; interpersonal, organisational, administrative or practical, which means you may not have to attend a course to learn these skills.  In this case we can make arrangements, usually through a Training Advisor for your prior knowledge to be validated against our learning outcomes.

So what does qualifying for the Wood Badge do for me? 

Apart from giving you the skills to carry out your Scouting role more effectively, your Wood Badge (correctly titled the Adult Leader Training Award), demonstrates your commitment to helping The Scout Association provide Better Scouting for More Young People.  It is also a direct and powerful link to the Founder, Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell whose idea this great game of Scouting was! Scouting is also recognised throughout the business community so make sure you add it to your CV!

Online Training

Please follow this link to access the online training modules.

Northumberland County Training Questionnaires.

I have a general Training query, who do I contact?

If you have any questions regarding Training in Scouting, simply email and we will get back to you.