About Us

About Us

Scouting in Tynemouth started in 1908 when the 1st Tynemouth was formed in May of that year, closely followed by the 1st North Shields and the 1st Christ Church in June and August respectively.

The District was “put firmly on the map” on the 27th of September 1911 when we were visited by the Chief Scout Lord Baden-Powell himself who stated he was “well satisfied with Tynemouth Scouts”.

Since those early days some Groups have closed, merged, or re-named but there has always been a Scouting presence in the area.

Originally the District was know as Tynemouth Association and comprised of the Northern Division, covering the Whitley Bay area, and the Southern Division which covered the Tynemouth area.

In 1928 the two Divisions split to form Whitley Bay District and Tynemouth District.

Although we are still called Tynemouth District we now cover a much larger area. We have 12 Groups and 3 Explorer Scout Units, covering North Shields, Wallsend, Battle Hill and Howdon, as well as Tynemouth itself.

Who’s involved
Originally scouting was just for boys, as the name “Boy Scouts” implied. The girls formed their own “sister” organisation of the Girl Guides.

In 1976 girls started to join our oldest youth section of the day when they became Venture Scouts, at the same time the word “boy” was dropped from our name and we became known as simply “Scouts”.

A national review of Scouting took place in 1991 and now Scouting is open to boys and girls aged between 6 and 25 spread across 4 youth sections.

Once the person reaches 25 it doesn’t end there as they can join one of the Scout adult sections which has no upper age limit.