Thank You, Darren!

2 very simple words. THANK YOU!

On behalf of everyone in Tynemouth Scouts I would like to simply say Thank you! Cheers! Congrats! BRAVO! The leadership you have shown being a lead volunteer in Tynemouth Scouts during unprecedented times has been commendable and something we are all very very greatful for.

You will have saw by now that our District Commissioner, Darren Bailey, has decided after almost four years to stand down as our lead volunteer.

Darren took over as part of Team DC but was then in the position as sole District Commissioner to lead Tynemouth Scouts.

With the introduction of new groups, 1st Meadow Well Scouts, Tynemouth Sea Scouts, Tynemouth DOfE Unit, Tynemouth District Provision, the Early Years Provision now known as Squirrels – you have really given it your all!

With more adults with permits then ever before, more adults completing their training, more adults being confident with a I can do attitude – this is because of your can do leadership!

Tynemouth Scouts have reached an all time high youth membership during your time as DC.

You oversaw and lead on the swift introduction of Virtual Scouting. Being a pivotal force in introducing Microsoft Teams and Zoom with Online Virtual Scouting.

You have been crucial in the development of The County Band, ensuring Virtual Marra was a success and that all participants left with a smile on their faces.

And personally for me, you had the confidence in me to make me your deputy during a very tough time and together we have built upon previous successes and continued to show why Tynemouth is the best district with the best adult volunteers and best young people. What we have achieved together is something I’ll be eternally grateful for. Thanks DB!

So as we look forward – Darren will remain as DC of Tynemouth Scouts until 31st December 2021 for a short handover period to our new Acting District Commissioner, Peter Throp (Deputy County Commissioner) The recruitment process for a new District Commissioner will begin straight away.

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to let Michael Wood-Williams or Peter know.

Michael can be contacted at

Peter can be contacted at

Please join me in thanking Darren for all he has achieved in his time as District Commissioner.

Thanks Darren,


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