Launch Night of Tynemouth District Beaver Provision

A great night was had tonight by all involved in the launch of our New District Beaver Colony at District HQ.

8 young people came to join in the fun and see what Beavers is all about for the first time.

It was great to see how confident, well behaved and kind they all were to each other, and we can’t wait until next week to do it all over again.

But what is the District Beaver Provision?

A number of groups in the Tynemouth and North Shields area are full and have waiting lists which may result in young people never being able to join their group whilst at Beaver and Cub age. Obviouslly, we try to accommodate these young people in other groups within the district where possible, but sometimes logistics like days, times and locations don’t make it feasible for the individual.

We don’t like to see young people missing out on the chance to embark on their scouting journey when they want to, and potentially missing out on years of opportunity. The District Provision, enables young people of Beaver and Cub age (coming soon) to be part of scouting whilst waiting for their preferred group.

The District Beaver Provision operates under the District Executive Committee, with Darren, District Commissioner, having overall operational responsibility (effectively GSL role), with the Colony being intially supported by Gillian our ADC Beavers, newly appointed District Beaver Leader, Liz Hay, and Deputy District Commissioner, Sean.

As the District Provision grows, we are looking for leaders or young leaders from across the district who want to get involved in the District Provision, whether it’s one night a half term, once a week, or just when they can.

If you are interested in getting involved in the District Provision for either Beavers or Cubs, then please email Darren,

Beavers and cubs will both meet at District HQ on a Wednesday night.

This is an exciting opportunity and is open to Beaver and Cub aged children across the district who are currently on/or are being added to waiting lists at any group. They can attend for half a term, a term, or even their entire Beaver and Cub life if need be. If you currently have young people on your waiting list that need a place, then please let Heather Henderson know at Heather, as District Secretary, has taken on the role of District Membership Manager, and will look to be taking on the management of waiting lists across the district.

Welcome to Liz Hay

Finally, as mentioned above, we would like to welcome Liz Hay to the role of District Beaver Leader. Liz will work to support Gillian with specific focus on the District Beaver Provision.

If you have any questions, then please get in touch with Darren,

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