Deputy District Commissioner – Programme

We are expanding our District Team and we are looking for an enthusiastic person with a passion for delivering quality and engaging programme.

Outline: To manage and support the Scout District to ensure it runs effectively and that Scouting within the District develops in accordance with the rules and policies of The Scout Association so that that the District provides good quality Scouting for young people and proactively supports and manages adults in the District.

Main focus of the role is to support excellent programme delivery across the District at both group and District level.

Responsible to District Commissioner.

Responsible for: Assistant District Commissioners and other roles as designated by District Commissioner where appropriate

Main Contacts: Deputy District Commissioners, Group Scout Leaders, District Explorer Scout Commissioner, District Scout Network Leaders, Assistant District Commissioners, District Scout Active Support Managers, District Scouters, District Advisers, Nights Away Advisers.

Appointment requirements: Must complete the relevant training (a wood badge) within three years of taking up the role.

It is expected that whilst volunteering for this role you will undertake regulated activity.

Main tasks: To work in conjunction with the District Commissioner to ensure that the District thrives and has the best systems in place to support the Groups, to support all adult volunteers in the District and to develop Scouting in the District.

Provide support to the adults in the District. Work with the District Commissioner to produce a vision for the District and implement a development plan to meet that vision.

Ensure that Scouting in the District is attractive to young people and adults from all backgrounds in the District. Work with the District Commissioner to ensure that the District has an adequate team of supported and appropriate adults working effectively together and with others to meet the Scouting needs of the area.

To work with and escalate to the District Commissioner where necessary any problems within the District are resolved so that excellent Scouting is provided to young people in the District.

Main areas of responsibility

Programme Support

  • Overseeing the organisation of Sectional District Events
  • Working with Assistant District Commissioners and Section Leaders to develop an engaging District Programme of Events/Activities
  • Working with District Team to organise Skills Training Workshops
  • Working with District Team to develop and contribute to initiatives such as the 13-19 Plan and Adult Journey

Group Support

  • Work with Group Scout Leaders and Sectional Leaders who need support with programme ideas
  • Supporting new leaders/new sections/new groups with programme and delivery methods
  • Supporting groups with Young People and Adult Recruitment

Person specification

Knowledge and experienceEssential/Desirable
Ability to manage adults effectivelyEssential
Understanding of the challenges of working in the voluntary sectorDesirable
Experience of working with young people and/or community work with adult groupsDesirable
Experience of working in the Scout or Guide Movement as an adultDesirable
Excellent written and oral communication skillsEssential
Provide advice and guidance effectively to othersEssential
Provide inspirational leadership for the DistrictEssential
Provide strategic direction for the DistrictEssential
Motivate adults volunteering in the DistrictEssential
Build, maintain and facilitate effective working relationships with a wide range of peopleEssential
Enable others to identify issues, clarify objectives, develop attainable objectives and gain the necessary skills and confidence to work as an effective teamEssential
Ability to negotiate compromisesEssential
Plan, manage and monitor own tasks and timeEssential
Construct and implement long-term plans that improve and expand the Scouting offered to young people and identify any training, resources and other needs equired to undertake this workEssential
Use basic computer softwareEssential
Personal qualitiesEssential/Desirable
An understanding of the needs of adult volunteersEssential
Flexible approachEssential
Able to work as part of a team and promote good teamworkEssential
Resourceful, energetic and enthusiastic about the jobEssential
Acceptance of the fundamentals of the Scout MovementEssential

Detailed description of the role

Providing Direction

  • Lead by example to promote a co-operative culture of working in the District
  • In conjunction with the District Commissioner create and deliver a vision for the future development of the District that takes in the strategic objective of the Scout Association and the plans for the County/Area
  • In conjunction with the District Commissioner develop a plan to realise the vision for the District
  • Provide leadership, inspiration and motivation for all adults volunteering in the District
  • Ensure that everyone in the District follows the policies and rules of the Scout Association
  • Carry out regular one-to-one meetings and support adults who report directly to you
  • Taking the lead on Co-ordinating District Sectional Events and supporting Event Teams with organisation
  • Supporting new adults/groups with appropriate skills for running their section(s)

Working with people

  • Develop good working relationships based on trust and Scout values with the adults in the District and with others in scouting.
  • Build a team spirit in the District and support the development of the team as a whole.
  • Address conflict as soon as it occurs within the District and reduce the likelihood of it happening through good communication and other methods. Keeping the District Commissioner informed at all times.
  • Run effective team meetings in the District and participate fully in the District and County/Area meetings as agreed with the District Commissioner
  • Ensure that adults in the District perform to agreed standards and if serious problems occur advise the District Commissioner and ensure correct procedures are followed
  • Build and maintain a collaborative relationship with other relevant organisations in the District’s local area
  • Develop good working relationships based on trust and Scout values with the adults in the District and with others in Scouting
  • Working closely with Assistant District Commissioners providing support and direction

Achieving results

  • Satisfactorily complete projects in the District for which you are responsible
  • With the District Team ensure that Scout is promoted locally
  • Build up an understanding of the young people in your local area and ensure that Scout is promoted effectively to them

Enabling change

  • Support and encourage adults in the District to think of new and creative ways to improve the District
  • Be enthusiastic about new ideas, give constructive feedback on those ideas and encourage and support further work on them.
  • Develop effective plans to implement change and then carry them out, working together with the District Commissioner and relevant members of the District
  • Recognise the contribution of others towards change and improvement

Using resources

  • In conjunction with the District Commissioner make decisions about matters within the District based on the best available information
  • Ensure that all adults in the District have the right information provided in a timely manner and in the most effective way

Managing your time and personal skills

  • Agree realistic goals and targets with the District Commissioner for the development of the District that works towards the Scout Association’s strategic objectives
  • Consider the future requirements of your role then identify the skills and knowledge that you need to develop or improve and the steps you will follow to do so
  • Regularly check how you use your time and identify possible improvements so that you focus on the goals and priorities that you have agreed with the District Commissioner.
  • Ask other adult volunteers for feedback about how you carry out your role and act on it
  • Attend National, Regional and County meetings, workshops and events

If you would like to have an informal chat or would like to find out more, please contact

Job Category: District Team Manager
Job Type: Volunteer
Job Location: Tynemouth District

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