35 Years of Beaver Scouts

Activities to help you celebrate

As we celebrate 35 years of Beaver Scouts in 2021, I have compiled a list of activity ideas you could use in your colonies to celebrate. You could try these with your Colony (in-person or online) or with your family at home.

These activities will fit into many of our Beaver Badges and can be changed and used even after 31st December 2021. There is no pressure to do them, I just thought that it is a good idea and hope it helps you with some easy programme planning.

If you run these activities in your Colony, ensure the appropriate activity risk assessments are completed and COVID-19 restrictions are followed. If you’re trying them at home, think about safety and any risks and hazards.

35 Activity Ideas to Celebrate 35 Years of Beaver Scouts

  1. Collect 35 items on a scavenger hunt
  2. Plant and look after 35 seeds
  3. Stand on one leg for 35 seconds
  4. Do 35 skips, using a skipping rope
  5. Do 35-star jumps
  6. Touch toes 35 times
  7. Catch a tennis ball 35 times
  8. Throw a tennis ball into a bucket 35 times. Keep moving further back when you get it in – how far away can you do it from?
  9. Attend 35 Beaver Scout meetings (in-person and online)
  10. Play 35 minutes of football
  11. Do a 3.5 mile walk
  12. Pick up 35 pieces of rubbish on your walk
  13. Fit 35 items into a mug or sock and list everything in there
  14. Collect 35 natural objects to make a nature picture
  15. Taste 35 different foods
  16. Wear 35 different items of clothing
  17. Try a 35 minute silence (you could do it sponsored to raise money for your Colony or another charity)
  18. Throw a welly more than 3.5 metres
  19. Write a 35 word poem
  20. Bake 35 fairy/cup cakes and decorate them
  21. Paint 35 pebbles with decorations about Beaver Scouts. How about starting a Colony rock snake near your meeting place to help other people find out about Beavers?
  22. Research 35 flags: draw and colour them, and name the country
  23. Keep 2 balloons up in the air for 35 seconds
  24. Climb your stairs 35 times, or walk/run 35 times around your garden
  25. Make a collage using 35 images of healthy food
  26. Invent a 35 second dance and film it
  27. Make a 35 on table or floor then donate the money used to your scout group
  28. Collect 35 pieces of wood and use them to make a fire. Try toasting marshmellows or making dough twists
  29. Paint a picture to celebrate 35 years of Beaver Scouts. If you have a mascot include this in the picture
  30. Make a tower out of pasta and marshmallows that is over 35 cm tall
  31. Write a prayer, reflection or poem about being a Beaver Scout
  32. Make a paper aeroplane and launch it to travel at least 3.5 metres
  33. Choose 35 different objects and play a Kim’s game with your family or colony
  34. Do 35 acts of kindness for your friends, family, Leaders or neighbours
  35. Build something creative using 35 pieces of Lego, Dupla, Knex or similar

Share what you get up to!

Beavers and adults at home: When you try some (or hopefully all 35!) of these challenges, make sure you shout loudly about Beavers being 35 years old! Ok, maybe you don’t need to shout out loud – but make sure to take photos and videos while you take part and share them with your Colony, Beaver Leaders and on social media with #Beavers35

Beaver Leaders: Let us know how your Colony is getting on through the Tynemouth Scouts Facebook page and make sure to share pictures and updates on your Group’s public social media pages – let’s use this to spread the word that Scouts are back!

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