This is just a selection of the many factsheets available on the official Scout website. I hope you will understand that due to server and bandwidth restrictions I cannot add every single one of them to this page.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always try the official Scout website. To make it easy for you to find, the link below will take you straight to it where they can be searched for.

As well as the selection here, all of the factsheets can be can be downloaded free of charge. Simply Right Click the link and select 'Save Target As.....'.

The official scout association website



Graham Ness Nights Away Competition

Publicity Consent Form

District Publicity Consent Form

Web poster 1

Poster for young people and Leaders

Web poster 2

Poster for young people and Leaders

Web poster 3

Poster for external use

Powburn wrist bands

Poster advertising Powburn wristbands


FS155013 - Games

A selection of games for the colony

FS155046 - Handicrafts

A selection of crafts for the colony

FS155047 - Ceremonies

Ceremonies within the colony

FS155051 - Flags and Parades

Beaver Scout Flags and Parades

FS155052 - Planning an Outing

Guidelines for planning an outing

FS155053 - Sleepovers

Guidelines for colony sleepovers

FS155054 - Managing Behaviour

Guidelines for managing behaviour

FS715501 - Notes for New Leaders

Notes for New Leaders


FS170014 - Games For Cubs

The importance of Games and tips on running them, includes examples

FS170016 - Co-operative Games

Games where there are no winners or losers

FS170018 - Links Between Beavers and Cubs

How to make the transition between the two sections easier

FS170051 - Pack Leadership Forums

Guidelines for running a Sixers meeting

FS170056 - You and Your Sixers

Choosing and working with Sixers and Sixes

FS170057 - Planning An Outing for Cubs

Advice on organising outings and visits

FS170059 - Young Leaders Information for Cub Leaders

A broad overview of the Young Leaders Scheme

FS170245 - Beginners Guide to Cub Scouting

An introduction to Cub Scouting - awards, planning, programme, camping and support.


FS315007 - Programme Planning for Small Troops

Hints for running a small troop

FS315010 - The Programme in the Scout Section

An explanation of the balanced programme

FS315015 - Games for Scouts

Suggested games for Scouts

FS315019 - The Troop and Its Links

Ways to improve links between the Cub and Explorer sections

FS315065 - Training Scouts

Imaginative Ways of Learning

FS315066 -Promoting Good Behaviour in the Troop

Good Behaviour suggestions for the Troop, Leaders and Parents

FS315091 - Self Review in the Troop

Help for reviewing the Scout Troop Programme

FS315092 -Young Leaders Information for Scout Leaders

A broad overview of the Young Leaders Scheme


FS120000 - Risk Assessment

Guidelines for carrying out a Risk Assessment

District Risk Assessment Form

Blank risk assessment form

FS120005 - Ordnance Survey Map Reproduction

Guidance on what you are allowed to copy from Ordnance Survey Maps

FS120082 - Camp Information Form

Consent Form with Health Details

FS120409 - RoutePlan

Suggested Route Plan for Activities

FS120416 - Hill Walking Authorisation 

Information for Leaders wanting Hill Walking Authorisation

FS145001 - Origin of the Wood Badge

Full History and Facts

FS145003 - Origin of the Woggle

Full History and dates

Nights Away Notification

To be completed and handed to the DC prior to the Nights Away

FS120081 - One Day Activity

Information and Consent Form

In Touch Factsheet

An explanation of the new system replacing the Home Contacts and a copy of the check sheet

Remembrance Parade

Poster 2017 - North Shields

North Shields Remembrance Parade poster for 2017

Poster 2017 - Wallsend

Wallsend Remembrance Parade poster for 2017

Remembrance Info Sheet

Remembrance Parade Information Sheet

Poppy colouring in sheet

A4 sheet of 12 outline poppies to cut out and colour in

Poppy colour print outs

Colour version of above - cut out and add to crosses

Poppy fondant biscuit recipe

Make poppy shaped biscuits